On-ear headphones

The difference between the benefits of earbuds and headphones

Headphones vs earbuds what is the huge difference between them, and the basic difference people notice about them is their size factor. Headphones are also known as earphones are the output audio device. They work as a plugin or as wireless devices to have audio treat individually without disturbing others. Whereas the earbuds are smaller in size than headphones and are portable to be fit right into the pockets. They are better to listen to lower volumes as they are like a mini speaker around our eardrum.

There are also headsets which are mostly used for gaming and professional purpose. They are headphones with an in-built mic set attached to them. However, always the competition goes like headphones vs earbuds, as they are the most wanted ones.


Unlike headphones earbuds, tiny nature comes as a good feature to it. They fit right into our ears and they are at average volumes as they are close to our ears. They are made of plastic and they are inside our ears they give bettersound quality. They are the best companion while traveling and are used in moderation.


Headphones are named as they rest on our heads to fit in our ears. They become more comfortable to listen during workouts. Headphones started their journey during the 20th century and still strives through due to their potential and advantages. With a noise cancellation feature, they are our best bud to listen to music.

Difference in them:

Although being used as an audio output device is a similar thing between earbuds and headphones there are lots of difference between headphones and earbuds. As much as headphones and earbuds, headsets used to have a better performance as they are more supportive of a profession. There are two types of headphones

listen to music

  • On-ear headphones
  • Off-ear headphones

They suit well for personal use as their cushion gets settled in our ears perfectly.

Headphones are good with high volumes but earbuds damage our ears when listened to higher volumes. Headphones are a better choice for a workout and earbuds go better while traveling.

Their structure does not create any pain in the ears but when used for long-time earbuds create pain inside the ears. Headphones are stable and are a bit enjoyable even while moving around but if the size is unfit earbuds might fall off often. Both when used with noise cancellation feature becomes the best choice to relax over soothing music.


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